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A Complete Memorial Service Program Guide

Planning a memorial service is never easy. Aside from the grief that you and your family are going through, you might get overwhelmed with all the things that you have to do for the arrangement of the funeral service. Because of this, it will be really hard for you to do everything for the funeral; even making simple decisions may be too hard. Thus, having a memorial service program guide would be ideal.

Having a guide will help you accomplish the things that you need to do for the memorial service. You will less likely forget anything if you have a guide that will tell you everything that you need to have or do in a proper and orderly manner.

Preparing for a Memorial Service

Here is a guide to help you get through with the memorial service preparations.
·         Prepare Yourself
The first thing that you need to do is to prepare yourself and your attitude. This will help you get through things more easily without being too emotional or distressed.
See the memorial service as a way of celebrating and showing appreciation to the life of your deceased loved one. This way, you wouldn’t feel too heavy about it. It will even motivate you to get things done properly.
·         Choose a Funeral Home
After preparing yourself for all the tasks that you have to take care of, it’s time to contact a funeral home. The staff of a funeral home can guide you in everything that you need to do for the memorial service. So, work with them to make things easier for you.
·         Choose a Minister
If your loved one is a Christian, choose a minister or pastor from their church. But if they are not active in a church, you can choose a minister yourself or ask the funeral home’s staff for a recommendation.

Planning of the Service

After you have taken care of the list above, it is now time to work with your funeral home’s coordinator to prepare everything. You can also follow an online memorial service program guide to help you out so that you can discuss things more easily with the funeral home’s coordinator.
·         Talk with the Minister
After choosing the minister who will officiate the memorial service, talk with them and discuss the details of the service. You can request special songs, messages and offerings of hope during your discussion so that these will be included in the service.
·         Work with the Church’s Funeral Coordinator
You should also talk with your church’s funeral coordinator so that you can set the schedule of the service. The schedule that will be agreed upon should be included in the memorial service program guide that will be given to the attendees of the service.
·         Make Memorial Order of Service Cards
Create memorial order of service cards that will be sent to your loved ones living in distant places so that they will know the schedule of the funeral service. This way, they can get to the church or the funeral home in time and would know what will happen during the service.
These templates are easily editable as they are mostly in MS Word format. Just download what you like and edit them.

Websites such as offer a "customization" service where you may choose for them to customize the memorial template for you and have it delivered in as little as 2 hours.  Make sure that you include the important information about the deceased, along with the memorial service program guide and the photos of your departed loved one. You can also include prayers, poems and messages onto it. You may also add any special instructions you may want for the customization service in order to makes the templates completely personalized according to your wishes.

custom funeral service programs

·         Send the Memorial Order of Service Cards
Before or after printing the memorial order of service cards, send them to your distant relatives and friends so that they will know about the passing away of your loved one or be notified of the memorial service date. You can also hand these out during the service so that the mourners can have a token that they can cherish.
·         Prepare a Eulogy, a Guestbook and Special Remembrances
While arranging the details of the funeral with the minister, church’s funeral coordinator and funeral home’s staff, you can discuss the eulogy to them. Make sure that you choose a good speaker or have the minister read the eulogy. Then, ask the funeral home’s staff if they can provide a guestbook where the attendees can sign. Also, ask the church’s funeral coordinator if they can arrange a place for the special remembrances that you want to display during the service.

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  1. Thank you for this helpful information. My uncle is very sick and he won't be with us much longer. I'm trying to help his daughter search for funeral homes and looking at the different services they offer. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to look for.

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