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How to Choose Funeral Order of Service Templates

Funeral and memorial services are difficult times in anyone’s life, and choosing funeral order of service templates can be hard.  A funeral is usually much more than a simple speech, and you may want to include a variety of things in tribute to your loved one.  When you decide what you would like to include in the funeral service, you will want to create a funeral order of service.  Those in attendance will use these programs as a means of knowing what to expect during the service.

Many people choose to include the funeral order of service in the memorial pamphlet to save on expenses.  While you can choose to use the ones provided by the funeral home, you can also choose to make your own by using an easy to follow template at website such as FuneralPamphlets.com.

Order of Service Cover
The front cover of the funeral order of service is usually used as a space for a photo of your loved one.  The cover should also include the person’s full name, their date of birth, date of death, and the time and location of the services.  Many people choose to include “In Loving Memory” or another similar caption.
memorial order of service templates

Inside of Funeral Order of Service
The inside of the order of service pamphlet can include a favorite poem, Bible verse, or song that is meant as a tribute to the deceased.  If you choose to include one of these, you should make sure to include the composer, the name of the person who performed it, where the verse can be found in the Bible, or who wrote the poem.

You can also use one of the inside pages to display your loved one’s full obituary, or a simple layout that uses their name, date of birth, date of death, birthplace, place of death, and loved ones who have preceded them in death or are still living.
memorial order of service template

Order of Service
You will want to include a page dedicated to a timeline of the services.  This can include speakers, times for prayer or music, and closing remarks.  It will usually look something like this:

Procession – This is usually music, and should include the name of the piece.

Introduction --  Listing who the speaker or speakers are, and their relationship.

Songs, Music, and Poem Readings – You should include the titles of any songs or poems, as well as the authors or composers.  If someone will be reading it, you should also include their name and relationship to the deceased.

Funeral Readings - This area is used to list whomever will be speaking the eulogy or in memory of speeches.  Again, you should include each speaker’s name in the correct order, as well as their relationship to the departed.

You may also choose to play a musical tribute of their favorite songs or spiritual pieces.

Prayers – List who is saying the prayer 

Hymn or Music
 - Include lyrics if you want the attendees to sing along
Committal and Blessing – Include the speaker or pastor
Closing Music

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