Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Legalities Involved in Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral also involves legalities so that the funeral will be organized and appropriately done. Having knowledge about these legalities will enable you to properly plan for a funeral even when you are in the middle of bereavement. Because death of a loved one is never an easy circumstance, you should keep in mind that you should set aside your grievance for a while and arrange for the legalities so that you will be able to properly pay respect to your deceased loved one.

Legal Documents and Procedures Needed in Planning a Funeral
Legalities should be done after the death of a loved one so that funeral services will be arranged properly. Legal documents such as the death certificate and doctor’s certificate regarding the death should be processed to have your chosen funeral home to do the necessary services for your deceased loved one.
After the death of a loved one, the doctor’s certificate should be issued so that a death certificate can be issued also. If the deceased had passed away due to unknown causes, a coroner’s order should be issued so that a death certificate can be issued.
Because an autopsy might need to be done when sudden death or a death due to unknown causes occur, a coroner will be the one who will release an order so that you will be able to claim the body and register for the death of your loved one.
  • Arranging for the Funeral
After the death certificate has been issued, you can now bring your loved one or have his or her body be brought to the funeral home of your choice by the funeral home personnel. You should then arrange for the funeral if pre-plan arrangements haven’t been made yet.

Signing the service contract should be done as well as choosing or agreeing with the payment term for the service. Contracts are important legal documents that you need to ask for a copy of so that you will have a document to protect you from deceit or fraud. Having this document will also enable you to settle problems with the funeral home or funeral director more easily.
  • Informing Relatives and Friends
After you have arranged the funeral legalities, you should now take care of the formalities.

It’s important to take care of the legalities when planning a funeral. Even though you may feel too distressed or too sad to take care of the legalities, you should do so to be able to arrange for a good funeral service that will enable you to give meaning to the life of your deceased loved one.

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