Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things to Avoid Putting On Memorial Cards

Memorial cards are not only notices that inform family, friends and colleagues of the death of a loved one. They are also a way of relating the deceased to the people who didn’t know the departed. Also, these cards can also be used as a token for the people who are close to the late loved one. By having memorial leaflets that surviving loved ones can look at and cherish, they are able to have something that relates them to the departed.

But even though these cards are important parts of a funeral, many people do not know how to write them, what to include and what not to include into them. Because most people do not want to learn such things as they do not want to think of the death of their loved one, they often do not know what to include and what not to include in memorial notice cards when the time comes when they need to write memorial leaflets. This results on some people including unnecessary or awkward phrases on these memorial cards without realizing it.
Writing Memoriam Cards
So, just to be prepared or to have something useful when the time comes that you need to write a memorial notice properly, listed below are some of the things that you should avoid when writing a memorial notice card to avoid embarrassment and awkward phrases.
  • Dramatic Phrases
Prayers and poems are better to be included in memorial cards than dramatic phrases that most card recipients won’t be able to relate to or feel awkward about. It is best to keep these simple and include only the information about the deceased. Achievements, remarkable experiences and the likes are also more proper for such cards.
  • Embarrassing Experiences
Memorial leaflets are a way of informing family, friends and other loved ones of the passing away of the deceased. These cards are also used to show appreciation of the life or the departed by including prayers and poems. So, do not include any embarrassing stories about the departed, regardless of how you would want to lighten things up and give even a small laughter for the surviving loved ones.
Jokes about the departed and the likes should also never be included in memorial cards. Thus, make sure that the cards are not only solemn but show respect for the departed. Important information and experiences can be added but aside from that, avoid further stories that can embarrass the family of the departed.
  • Clichés
Even if you feel like you need to include things that will make everyone feel better, including clichés is not a very good idea as they are often generalized. It would seem that the cards are just generalized and are not made for the deceased so just include messages that are from your heart instead of including clichés. Poems and prayers are also recommended, as what was mentioned above.

Making in Memoriam Leaflets

When making these kinds of cards, it is best to look for samples so that you can’t go wrong. Look for websites that offer paid and free samples so that aside from having a guide, you can also get printable memorial leaflets that you can use as template for your cards.
  • Get Printable Cards Online 
There are a lot of downloadable cards that you can find on the Internet, which will make your task much easier and quicker. Because you will likely be stressed and depressed about the circumstance of your loved one’s passing away, you would want to make the preparations for the funeral faster so that you can finally pay respects to your loved one. So, take a short while to find card templates so that you can just edit them and have them printed.
  • Have the Cards Edited and Print Them
You can also find websites that offer paid templates that you can edit yourself or you can have the company edit for you. You can also print them yourself or have them printed at local places such as your local Staples store.

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