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Catholic Funeral Mass Program Cards for the Deceased

Every religion has its own way of paying respects to the dead when it comes to funerals, including the Catholics. You need to use a Catholic funeral mass program card for the deceased. Just in case you’re not familiar with this card, you don’t have to worry because you can easily find a printable Catholic funeral mass program template for the deceased online at or go directly to the template pictured below by clicking on it.

catholic memorial service card

Is it Free?
If you have time to spare, a free printable template for a catholic funeral mass program card for the deceased should be easy to make if you're knowledgeable with Microsoft Word. You will find a sample funeral template at which you may edit yourself.

However, if you're not too computer savvy and would like a template that's already themed and you can easily edit, you may do so by checking out the paid funeral mass program templates. You may also choose for the website to customize the card for you so that all you need to do is print as soon as you receive the customized version.

You’ll be presented with plenty of options so you can easily find a template that you think will best serve its purpose of helping you pay your respects to the deceased.
The templates will be delivered to your email so you can start printing them out as soon as you receive them. Time is of the essence so this is very beneficial.
catholic memorial program card

What’s in the Catholic Funeral Mass Program Card?
Here are the things that should be in the Catholic funeral program card:
  • An image of the deceased’s favorite saint
A lot of Catholics have their favorite saint. For example, someone who hoped for help with a hopeless case may be a devotee of St. Jude. Of course, you can also use the image of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary since they’re very popular as well and you can see them often used for printable Catholic memorial service templates.
You can also use the image of Saint Gertrude of Nivelles since she’s the patron saint of the dead.
  • An image of the deceased
This card is supposed to serve as a remembrance, so a smiling picture of the deceased when he or she was still alive should be added.
  • Name of the deceased
Needless to say, the name of the deceased should be added. It should be right there below the image.
  • Year of birth and year of death
These pieces of information are also included. They’re placed right below the name.
  • A prayer
The favorite prayer of the deceased should also be added to the Catholic funeral mass program card for the deceased. As an option, a prayer about death can be used.
  • Important information about the service
You should also put all the pertinent details about the service in the memorial service cards. Since they’re Catholic funeral program cards, choose a Catholic funeral program template so that all you need to do is to supply the needed information.
  • Hymn
A hymn can also be added. This hymn can be sung by the people paying their respects.
How to Get Catholic Funeral Mass Cards for the Deceased
Now, you can make these cards from scratch. All you need is a word processing software and a computer. However, this is easier said than done. This is especially true if you’re going to add in a lot of things. Let’s say that you’re planning on making tri-fold funeral service programs. Do you  know how you’re going to add in the information in such a way that everything will be clear even if you fold it three times?
You have a lot on your plate already since you’re the one planning for the funeral. The last thing that you need is to do things the hard way. Fortunately, you can easily print out funeral mass program cards for the deceased. Yes, all you need to do is to print the the templates upon plugging in the information or choosing for to customize your funeral template for you.

The first thing that you need to do is to check out the Catholic funeral mass program templates. You can start by checking out the free templates to see if any of them works for you and if you get any creative ideas.  There are a lot of good options available and you can easily find one that will work for you for only $19.95.

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