Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Create a Free Funeral Program Template

Creating a free funeral program template is easier than it has ever been. With a little bit of time, you can make a beautiful funeral program template for a loved one who has passed on. Let's get started!

free funeral program template
Letter Single Fold Funeral Template

Microsoft Word

If you don't have it, no sweat, you may download a free trial online. Microsoft Word allows you to easily edit text and insert photos into a template. Some may not be familiar with Word, but that's okay, there's also an alternative route we'll discuss later.

Download a Free Funeral Program Template

Save a bunch of time creating a funeral program from scratch and download an already formatted template to base your design off of.

Download a free funeral program template and open the file with Word. Don't hesitate to look around the website and examine the paid funeral program templates, as they might provide you with many ideas for what theme to use for the loved one's template.

Be sure to check out this funeral program template Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Insert the Photos

Find the best photo of the deceased and insert it on the cover page. You may also insert a picture inside the template, on the back, wherever you wish.

Editing the Obituary Template

Edit the obituary template inside the funeral program. Here you may provide a short story about the life of the deceased. Consider inserting their accomplishments, hobbies, surviving family members, and anything else the deceased loved. Maybe the loved one's favorite quote, poem, or song lyrics may be inserted into the obituary template.

Check out this post for ideas on what to write in a obituary template.

Editing the Funeral Order of Service

Use the outline from the free funeral template as a guide on how to structure the funeral order of service. 

Avoid making mistakes!

Make sure you avoid these mistakes when editing your template.

Alternative Way to Create a Funeral Program Template

Buy Funeral Programs Online

If you're not familair with Microsoft Word, or simply don't have the time to create and design a template, there are already finished funeral programs you may download. Buy a funeral program template and choose whether to have it customized or not. This is a useful service because it allows one to just submit the content to have inserted into the template, and the finished product gets e-mailed to you the same day, completely print-ready!

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