Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Make a Template for an Obituary

The death of a loved one can be a traumatic time for those who are dealing with their loss.  Making funeral arrangements can seem overwhelming, and anything that makes these tasks a little easier make a huge difference.  Obituaries are an important means of honoring someone who has passed on, but many just do not know what to include.  Creating a template for an obituary will help ease the stress in these otherwise very difficult times.

Most obituaries are broken down into four or five categories, so you should make your template to reflect this.  You also have the option to offer obituaries of different lengths, however those would be set up a bit differently. 

The first step in making a standard obituary template is to ensure you have enough room for five sections.  Section one should be labeled “Name”.  You should also indent lines under this line to include areas for age, nicknames, place of birth or hometown, place of death, and cause of death.
Section two will be labeled “Life”.  You will want to include lines for the deceased person’s date of birth, their spouse’s name, employment, and education.  You can also choose to include a space for hobbies if desired.
Template for an obituary

The third section is for “Family”.  You should include lines with labels for children, parents, and siblings.  You can also have sections for other family members such as aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, or significant others if you would like to give the mourners enough space in the obituary for this.  You should break this section down into surviving relatives and deceased relatives in order to properly represent each person in the obituary.

Section four is should be labeled “Service”.  This is where you will include lines for the location of the services, the dates, and times.  You should make sure to include lines for both visitation and graveside services where applicable, and make sure the times are clearly marked to avoid confusion.
template for a memorial service

The final section is reserved for memorial information or thank you’s.  This section is where information such as where to send flowers should be, or where donations should be made in place of flowers.  This section can also include space for special quotes or dedications.

Creating an obituary template will ensure all information is included that is relevant to the deceased.  Templates will also make sure that all obituaries are uniform, and follow the same basic structure.  This is especially important for obituaries that will be printed in newspapers, pamphlets, or online.  

Reputable online companies such as can provide you with personalized memorial order of service templates to use to make sure the obituary can be easily created and printed with a minimum of fuss.
Obituary Templates at

Writing an obituary can be just as difficult as the rest of the funeral arrangement making process.  Offering a clean, simple, clearly defined template will make one of life’s most difficult moments a bit easier for those who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

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