Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free Funeral Program Template Download for Microsoft Word

Where can I download a free funeral program template?

You may download a free funeral program template for Microsoft Word by clicking on the picture below. Yes, the template is printable.

Memorial Program for Word
Free Funeral Program Template at
The program is usable for a memorial or funeral service. It may also be utilized for a funeral announcement invitation. It is also known as a funeral program card, leaflet, or pamphlet. Whatever the occasion, you are absolutely free to print as many copies as needed for the funeral or memorial procession.

What if I don't have Microsoft Word?

Once you download the free funeral program template, you will be able to open the sample program template via Microsoft Word.  There is a free trial of Microsoft Word available at .

Funeral Program Template

Consider a customization service as an alternative.

This is a great option available to those who may be unfamiliar with Microsoft Word or tight with time, as it allows you focus more time on planning the service for your loved one.

A customization service for your funeral template is available at Funeral Pamphlets, by selecting the option on the product page.

You are given the option to add as many photos of the loved one as you’d like, attach documents containing information you would like to be inserted in the program template, and also provide any special instructions you may have.

Best of all, the customized memorial program template is sent to your e-mail, ready for print, the very same day!

Check out this testimonial from a happy customer who used the customization service.

What do I include in the funeral program template?

There's several variants of memorial service programs, but consider these basics on what to include when creating your program.


In the free funeral program template you will have the option to insert an obituary in an already-structured section of the first interior page. In case you’re stuck on what to write for the obituary of your loved one, you may find more information by checking out this article.

Use the video below as a tool to help you write an obituary for a funeral program.

Order of Service

free memorial programsYou will notice the funeral order of service events located on the second interior page.

Here is another example of the Order of Service page. 

Front Cover of the Funeral Program

On the front cover, you are given the opportunity to insert the name, date of birth and passing, and a memorial picture of the deceased.

The funeral or memorial service date and address is sometimes placed either at the bottom of the front cover, back cover, or the Order of Service page.

Back Cover of the Funeral Program

The back cover usually contains a poem in order to bid farewell to the loved one. Under the poem are the family’s acknowledgements to all of those who have showed their support and love in a time of grief and loss. 

In case you’re looking to find the perfect funeral poem, have a look through these Popular Funeral Poems.

memorial program templates
Front and Back Cover

Examples of Funeral Programs

This board on Pinterest may give you some ideas for a funeral program template.

step fold funeral program
4-Page Graduated Funeral Program
example of memorial program
Celebration of Life Funeral Program
step fold memorial programs
2-Page Graduated Funeral Program


  1. This free funeral template saved me a lot of time. It was easier to edit than I thought it would be. May I post the link to the free template on my blog?

    1. Glad to hear that Veronica and of course you can.