Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tips on Planning for a Funeral for the First Time

Planning for a funeral for the first time can be overwhelming. Because of the grief and the shock that you will feel when a loved one passes away, your mind may become blank and you won’t be able to do all the things that you need to do to be able to organize a funeral like send out death announcement cards.
But by preparing ahead and by being informed, you will be able to get through this saddening and mind-numbing experience and do the tasks that need to be done like come up with memorial cards for funeral.

Know What Will Happen and What You Should Do
Knowing what will happen in case of a death of a loved one will enable you to prepare for the most stressful and saddest part, the funeral preparations. Because you need to arrange the funeral, you might feel that you are being crushed between your want to pay respects to your deceased loved one and your want to stay at home with your family to grieve. And although it may sound harsh, you need to set your grievance aside and plan for the funeral first.
Planning the funeral will enable the family, friends and acquaintances of the deceased to give meaning to the life of the deceased. Thus, this should be arranged first.
  • Select a Funeral Home
Once the death of a loved one has been announced by a physician or a person who attends to the deceased, a death certificate will be filled and a funeral home should be chosen. If you don’t know which funeral home to choose, you can ask your family and friends or find one in the Yellow Pages or online.
  • Announce the Death to Family and Friends
You can phone family and friends who live nearby. But for those who are distant, you should send death notice cards and funeral programme cards so that they will be able to know about the death of your loved one. This will also help your relatives and friends to know when and where the funeral will be held.

Sending memorial cards for a funeral will also enable your distant relatives to have something to keep to remind them of your loved one.
There are free templates that you can download online. And if you want them to be easy to edit and download, you might want to look for funeral templates and death notice templates.

  • Get Ready for the Burial, Funeral and Family Meetings
After everything has been arranged, the time for the burial and the funeral will come next. You should be prepared to face other people who want to pay respects to your deceased loved one. Although you might want to just be in a place where you can mourn alone, it would be necessary to be there to appreciate the presence of your family and friends.

Being with other people who want to offer help and support will help with your grief so do not turn away from them. This will be quite a helpful gathering so that you can recover from a depressing event since your loved one has passed away.

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  1. Nobody really knows what to do or how to plan for a funeral when it happens! It's always the most unexpected times too. I really appreciated all of your ideas and tips to make it a little bit easier in a time of sorrow.
    Celine |

  2. Thank you for the tips. My husband's grandmother passed away and we have been heavily involved in planning the funeral. I know that my husband is taking the loss of his grandmother very hard and it has been difficult for him to focus on planning the funeral. You are absolutely right about needing to put the funeral first, however. If my husband shut himself away, there would be no way for any of his grandmother's other loved ones to pay their last respects.

  3. My grandfather is not in good health and my mom is really worried about planning his funeral. I like your tip to be prepared for what will happen and what you should do. It seems like having a little knowledge before you have to make plans would be helpful.

  4. I would definitely feel as you mentioned, "crushed between your want to pay respects to your deceased loved one and your want to stay at home with your family to grieve". Planning the funeral is the last thing that I want to do. Having these things in mind before hand will be great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You're right about how I should choose a funeral home as soon as I get the death certificate for a loved one. I was wondering what I should do after I found out that my dad died. It seems like a funeral home will help me plan her service, so I should get on that right away so that I can fulfill all of the details for it in his will.

  6. Ashley, thanks for pointing out that it is important to be prepared for people who will want to pay their respects for you and your loved one. I would think that it is important to find a reputable funeral director who can help you with planning the memorial service and burial. My husband's grandmother recently passed away and we are trying to arrange everything for the funeral. Thanks for the reminder that gathering with a group of people will help us to feel loved and supported.