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How to Save Money on a Funeral Service

A lot of people are looking for ways on how to save money on a funeral and for good reason. After all, a funeral is very expensive. Of course, funeral costs vary. But at the end of the day, it’s still very expensive. In fact, it’s not unusual for a family to spend $6000-$7000 for a funeral. However, you can’t do anything about it since death is inevitable. You’ll need to spend on a funeral but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find tips on how to save money on a funeral.

What Makes Funerals Expensive?
It’s simple. You need to buy and pay for a lot of things in a funeral and these things add up. Of course, a casket is very expensive. In addition, there are a lot of services involved like embalming and the likes. With the things that need to be done, a lot of people are overwhelmed so they end up hiring a funeral director, not realizing that doing so makes funerals expensive.
Now, this is not to say that funeral directors are worthless. Don’t disregard them if you’re looking for ways on how to save money on a funeral. You just need to follow some tips on how to save money on funeral expenses.
Tips on How to Save Money on Funeral Costs
Follow these tips and save a lot of money on funeral expenses:
  • Don’t go for “all in one solutions”.
A lot of funeral parlors and funeral directors offer all in one solutions which are tempting for people who are looking to save themselves some time and effort when planning for a funeral. As mentioned, funeral directors are very important as well since they can help you handle the more important things like the casket and the embalming procedure. However, there are things included in their all in one solution that you can do yourself and this can help you since you’re looking for ways on how to save money on a funeral.

For starters, it’s better that you do the funeral service announcement yourself. After all, it’s just a matter of putting up an obituary and notifying family members and friends. You can also check out funeral obituary card templates online that you can simply print out. These can also be known as funeral bulletin cards, memorial order of service cards, and funeral service invitations.This way, you can pick out a good design, unlike the generic designs offered by funeral parlors and directors.

Best of all, you can find a free sample printable funeral order of service card template at , as well as other themed funeral templates online. However, don’t be afraid to pay for them since they’re inexpensive anyway and pre-formatted to save you time.
saving money on a memorial service
Themed Funeral Program Templates

  • Plan ahead.
A lot of people fall for the expensive all in one solution because they’re running out of time. This is why it’s recommended that you plan ahead even if there’s no death yet in the family. Learn how to save money on funeral expenses as early as now so you’ll avoid overspending for a funeral in the future.
But it’s not too late even if somebody already died in your family. You just need to overcome your grief for the meantime and plan accordingly. This way, you won’t cram later on because cramming usually leads to added expenses.
There are things that you can do without especially since you’re looking for ways on how to save money on a funeral. For example, there’s no need to hire additional limousines. Family members and friends will be more than happy to lend or use their cars. You can also save money on catering costs. You can just ask some of your family members to prepare the food at home.
  • Consider cremation.
You can save a lot of money by choosing cremation over a burial or an entombment. Of course, this is provided that the deceased has made it known in the past that cremation is okay. This is a decision that can be made by the immediate family.
You can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on funeral costs by having the funeral at home. As an added benefit, it gives the family a better way to grieve since they’re right there at home. Just make sure to include in the funeral service invitation that the funeral will be held at home.
Now that you know how to save money on a funeral, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing your respects to the deceased.

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