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Printable Funeral Obituary Templates for Microsoft Word

If you’re in the process of planning for a funeral, one of the things that you have to take care of is finding the best printable funeral obituary templates. In fact, this is something that you should do your best in. After all, you are remembering the deceased and one of the most thoughtful ways to do it is to prepare and give out beautiful and heartwarming obituary pamphlets, and that starts with finding a unique printable funeral program template.

funeral program templates for microsoft word

Microsoft Word is your Friend

Microsoft Word is not just for typing word documents. It also presents you with a lot of templates for just about everything, including printable obituary templates. In fact, MS Office also offers a free printable obituary template. Unfortunately, they have very limited printable funeral program templates. A lot of people can’t even find a good template for the order of service.

The Old-Fashioned Way of Doing it

A lot of people still do it the old-fashioned way – that is to check out the available printable obituary templates of the funeral parlor that will handle the funeral. Unfortunately, this limits your options. Also, it’s not something that anyone can do in Microsoft Word. As mentioned, you have to make sure that the pamphlets are beautiful and heartwarming, and you can only do this by checking out more printable funeral program templates.
Of course, the printable order of service should be clear and concise as well. Since only you know the information, you should be the one to do it.

Go Online

The best way to find the best printable obituary templates is to go online. There are sites that have a lot of templates available, such as Funeral Pamphlets. For starters, you can find a basic free printable obituary template. A lot of people take advantage of this free template, although most people look around the site for more printable funeral program templates since they have almost every theme imaginable that will help you honor and remember the deceased in the best way.
You can also find a printable order of service online. This can help you have a more organized funeral service.

Why Look for a Free Printable Obituary Template Online

Here’s one reason – it’s free! Most people feel that it’s better than the free printable obituary templates offered by Microsoft Word, which are limited at best. You’re limiting yourself when it comes to the printable obituary templates and you’re limited yourself to what you can do when it comes to editing them.
You can also easily find a printable order of service online. In fact, you’ll be given several design templates. All you need to do is to add in the information and insert the loved one's picture.
Of course, there are a lot of professionally-made templates in a wide variety of designs that you should check out in addition to the free templates. Don’t limit yourself to just the free ones.
printable memorial obituary template
Funeral Obituary Template at

Do it Yourself?

Doing it yourself from scratch is almost out of the question since it’s very hard and time consuming. Things have changed nowadays thanks to the Internet. Just in case you need convincing, here are the reasons why it’s better to purchase an already designed template:
  • You’re in control.
You don’t have to accept whatever free printable obituary template the funeral parlor or Microsoft Word is giving you. You can check out hundreds of printable obituary templates if you choose to, and choose the best one that you can find.
  • You can save time.
Instead of spending hours trying to come up with a design in Microsoft Word, which is harder if you don’t have a printable order of service, you can simply download a paid or free printable obituary template online.
You also don’t have to spend time and effort going back and forth to the funeral parlor to finish the pamphlet. A good site offering printable funeral program templates offers instant email delivery so you’ll have the template ready for printing quickly and easily.
  • You can edit your chosen template easily.
This is important especially if you’re looking for a printable order of service. You can add any information that you want. You can also add an image which is good since most people add a good picture of the deceased. You can also add a prayer, poem, etc. This is something that you can’t easily do in Microsoft Word. Also, this is something that’s not possible with some funeral parlors.
If you need any assistance, there is even live help available.

memorial service program templates
What to Do Now
Obviously, it makes sense to do it the new way – which is to check out a free printable obituary template, check out other printable funeral obituary templates for Microsoft Word at . Choose around 3-5 of the best printable funeral program templates, and ask other family members for help in choosing the best one. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can simply edit it with the needed information and wait for the email delivery so you can have it printed.


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