Saturday, September 6, 2014

Making a Funeral Mass Program for your Grandfather

Creating a bi fold funeral mass program for your grandfather’s funeral service can take up a lot of time especially if you are not familiar with the task. But of course, since you are doing it for your grandfather, then it is just necessary to make it special.

The best way to this is to make use a funeral service program template that you can find online. Using such a template can help to make everything easier and you can even finish the task in less than a day which is a great thing especially since you need to send out the programs to relatives instantly. Even if you live in Toronto, relatives in London can receive the funeral program instantly by e-mail or social media. 

Think of the Size

You need to decide what size you want the program to be. You can choose from quad fold, single fold or bi fold funeral mass program. The single fold is the most common of all although if you want to have a lot of space in the program, you should opt for the bi fold. It usually makes use of an 8.5” by 11” size of paper that will be folded in half so you will have four pages to use.

You can also add more pages to it for poems, biography, bible verses, funeral songs and several photos of your grandfather. 

Gather All the Information Needed

After you have decided on the size, the next step is to gather all of the information that is needed. This might take up a lot of time so you need to plan accordingly. You may need to obtain a copy of the funeral service order of events from the church staff or from the funeral home director. They might also give you advice on what information you need to include on the funeral program that you are creating. You can also collate messages from people who are close to your grandfather and add them on the program.

Look for Templates Online

Funeral Service Mass Program
Funeral Mass Program at
After you have gathered all of the information that you need, the next step is to go online and look for a funeral mass program template that you can use. Funeral Pamphlets offers printable mass program templates at a low price. 

Decide on the theme that you want because there are so many different themes and funeral program designs that you can choose from, but make sure that you choose the template that is suitable to your grandfather. A typically suitable program theme for a grandfather would be an outdoor theme with nature.

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