Friday, September 12, 2014

What to Expect in a Methodist Order of Service for a Funeral

In a Methodist church in London, as well as on some major cities around the world, like Toronto, there is often a funeral director who will help in arranging the funeral service of a churchgoer. The funeral director will advise the surviving family members of the Methodist order of service and will organize everything that is needed for the funereal.

It is also the director who will inform the local minister on the date that you prefer the memorial to be held so the minister will make sure to free his schedule on that day. Although it is the director who will also prepare for the funeral mass program, you can choose to do it yourself in honor of your dearly departed.

Burials and Cremations

Only few Methodist churches have their own burial grounds and those that have are mostly full. As a result, burials will usually be held at a nearby cemetery. The name of the cemetery should be indicated on the memorial invitation cards that will be sent to relatives and friends.

If a cremation is preferred, the next thing to think of is where the ashes will be kept. If the deceased has not left any instructions on what to do with the ashes, you can check with the crematorium if they have a garden or a space where the ashes can be buried or if the church minister will allow, the ashes can be scattered in the churchyards.

Viewing, Wake and Visitation

The bi fold memorial service invitations should also include information about the viewing, wake as well as the visitation, but this option will be up to the surviving family members. The viewing could be done a day or several days prior to the funeral or perhaps before the funeral service will start.

So that your relatives or friends will know about this, you need to indicate this on the memorial pamphlet and you have to be specific with the time and the date as well.  Since the Methodist order of service is primarily religious, any military rites or fraternal rites must not be delivered within the service, but should be done during the wake.

Creating the Memorial Cards

In this day and age of the Internet, preparing for the bi fold memorial invitation cards should not be that big of a challenge. Simply search online for memorial pamphlet templates or funeral programs templates and you will certainly be provided with lots of them.  

Using the template is so easy.  You can download it and then edit it in the Microsoft Word application. It already comes with memorial invitation wording so all you basically need to do is to edit the wordings and include the details of the funeral service that you are organizing. On the cover page should have the name of the deceased, the name of the church as well as the date and time of the funeral service. You can also choose to attach a photo of the deceased on the front cover of the printable memorial service invitations before printing it out.

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