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How to Make a Personalized Memorial Program Card Using your Computer

Preparing for a memorial can be hectic because there are a lot of things to be done while grieving. From the legal matters to the small details like the things to be included on funeral notices and cards, you will have to take care of the details carefully. But because you will be emotionally distraught by the passing away of a loved one, you will likely not be able to make decisions the way you do on regular occasions.

Because of this, you will need help on doing things. And because the smallest things and details are often the ones that are forgotten or left undone until the final minutes of the funeral and burial, you should focus on these things.
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Memorial cards are often the ones that are overlooked during the passing away of a loved one. Because everyone is mourning and could only think of the common things to be done like choosing a funeral home and the cemetery, these little, yet important things are forgotten. But even if you are busy with the preparations for your loved one’s funeral, you should remember doing these as these will be among the tokens that you can hand out to mourners, which they can cherish as a memoir of your deceased loved one.

Making Memorial Cards Using Your Computer

Even if you are always on the go for the preparations of the funeral, you can still make personalized memorial cards for the funeral service of your departed loved one. These customized memorial cards will be your means to tell your relatives and friends, who live in distant places, about the passing away of your loved one.

Also, these cards can be a token for the mourners so that they will have something that they can look at and keep to help them remember your loved one.

·         Get All the Info that You Need

Before you begin creating funeral cards, make sure that you gather all the information that you need to include in the cards. The date and place of birth, accomplishments, surviving family members and the likes should be included on the cards.

You should also have a couple of photos of your deceased loved one so that you will have some photos that you can put on the personalized memorial cards.

·         Look for Downloadable Customized Memorial Cards

Look for online personalized memorial cards that are on MS Word format so that you don’t have to use heavy applications to edit the cards. This will save you a lot of time as the process is not really that hard.

·         Look for Quotes, Prayers and Poems Online

You can also get prayers, quotes and poems from the website where you got the personalized memorial cards templates. Copy a lot of them so that you will have choices when you are making the customized memorial cards.

·         Set a Theme and Card Size

When you have everything that you need, you can start creating the funeral cards that you will have to send to your loved ones and hand out during the funeral service.

First, determine the size that you want the cards to be. They can be as big or as small as you want them. You can also follow the recommendations of sites that offer professionally made cards. Then, choose a theme or color. This should reflect the personality or interests of your deceased loved one.

·         Edit the File

Once you have chosen which of your downloaded customized memorial cards you will choose, you can start editing it by opening the file on MS Word. Put all the information and the messages that you want to include on the cards. Also, place the images on the spaces for them. You can also edit the positioning of the images to make them more personalized.

·         Print

Once you are done with the personalized memorial cards, you can print them at home. Or, you can go to a shop and have them printed there.

When printing memorial cards, make sure that you choose a good type of paper - preferably with designs and scent - to make them more special.

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