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The Process of Bereavement

Bereavement is often the result of death, especially when the deceased is a family member or a close friend. The process that you will go through will not be simple. It will be very hard and may take a long time before you can get over your grief. It is normal. Everything will come to pass and you’ll feel lighter as the days, weeks or months go by.

Here is a process that people often go through when they undergo grief. These stages will often be felt within a few weeks to a few months. There is no definite time-frame when wounds will heal and when you will get better. But, it is also important to note that you should not feel like this forever. It will not be healthy for you and not good for the people around you. Bereavement is normal but it should not be part of your life for eternity.

Stages of Grief

There are five stages of grief that you will often experience after losing a loved one. After going through these stages and you still feel like you will never get through your grief, you should seek help from your loved ones to ensure that you will recover.

  • Denial and Isolation

Often, you will not be able to accept the death of a loved one at the beginning. For a few days, you may be inclined to think that your loved one will suddenly go to your place and talk to you. You should not force yourself into the truth. If you want, you can isolate yourself for a while so that the truth can sink in and you can deal with it later.

  • Anger

You may also feel angry about the death of a loved one. This is a way to hide the pain so that you will not break down in front of family, friends and other people. It is okay to feel this as long as you do not get angry with yourself or you do not blame others for the death of your loved one especially when no one should be blamed.

  • Bargaining

You will think that you could bargain anything for the person you love to get back to life. You may try to pray and trade your life or anything or everything that you own just to get the person back. You may even feel guilty that your loved one passed on instead of you.

  • Depression

This is perhaps the hardest part of bereavement aside from bargaining since you start to feel the heaviness of your loss. Be sure to ask for help during these times.

  • Acceptance

After the storm, there will be sunshine and rainbow. You will finally be able to accept the truth, which will enable you to recover.

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