Saturday, September 14, 2013

Step by Step Guide on Making Memorial Service Flyers for Free

Creating custom memorial cards can be done without any help from a professional as long as you know how to create one. So if you need to make memorial cards and do not want to hire someone to do them for you, you can create one on your own. Aside from being able to create these cards for free, you can also personalize then as much as you like, which is great because you can reflect the design of the cards to your deceased loved one’s personality.

Creating a Memorial Service Flyer
Just follow the steps below to create personalized funeral cards on your own.
  • Get All the Info and Files You Need
Before you start creating the custom memorial cards, be sure to gather all the information that you will need to put into them. The full name, date and place of birth, profession, interests and accomplishments are some of the main things that can be put in a memorial card.
You should also get a number of photos of the deceased and also a number of various photos that you want to include on the cards such as flowers, ribbons and angels.
  • Sketch the Template Design
Make a rough sketch of the design of the template that you are going to use to create the personalized funeral cards. This will enable you to easily determine where the texts, images and photos should be put, making your job easier.
  • Get the GIMP Software
Download the GIMP program from will enable you to create and edit your template faster.
  • Start Making the Funeral Cards
After successfully installing the program, start creating your personalized funeral cards by creating a new document. Click on ‘File’ then hit ‘New’. Choose a background for your card. White is often recommended for these.
You should also provide the dimensions or size of your card and the paper that you’re using.
  • Insert Images and Texts
When inserting the images, go to ‘File’>’Open’, select the images then press ‘Copy’ before clicking ‘Paste’ to insert the documents. To put texts, you should create a new layer on the document. This will enable you to edit and move individual layers, which will avoid ruining the other images and texts when you try to edit one element only.
Use the ‘Text’ tool to insert texts. Make sure that you use formal fonts only like Times New Roman. If you want to add a little style, choose fonts like Monotype Corsiva or Edwardian Script for the name of the deceased but do not use fonts like Joker or Bradly Hand. Use the ‘Move’ tool to place the text where you want them to be. This also goes for other elements like images.
  • Save then Print
After you are done making the custom memorial cards, you can save them and print them on your own printer or on a shop. Get rid of the excess paper by trimming the cards on the sides that were not printed on then send them to relatives and friends.

Making Funeral Cards for Free the Easy Way

If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands because of the preparations for the upcoming funeral, you can get online personalized funeral cards custom made at . These downloadable custom memorial cards are easy to find at funeral card stores online. You can just browse the Internet for these cards and choose whichever you want on the free section of online stores that sell funeral cards.

Lots of these templates are also easier to edit as they are in MS Word format. This means that you do not need to download additional software to be able to edit and personalize these templates. But if you want to make sure that you have totally personalized funeral cards, you can get templates that are on various formats so that you can open them on image editors.

Anyway, however you want to edit these custom memorial cards, they will likely turn out to be beautiful as these free templates are made by professional funeral card makers. Thus, even if you are using free ones, you will get the look of professional and premium funeral cards. Of course, you may want to check out the premium ones as well.

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  2. I think it's important that flyers get made for events. You never know who is going to be interested in the thing you're throwing. When I was in the Philippines, I organized and taught an English class. I wish I would have made flyers so that we would have gotten more people to come.