Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bio Cremation - an Alternative Funeral Process

Bio cremation - an alternative funeral process – is a process that reduces the remains of a deceased person without utilizing flames. It is a process in which the remains of the deceased is submerged in water and chemical solution to quickly dissolve the body, leaving only bones, and if present any medical apparatus inside the body such as pace makers. The bones are then pulverized and turned to ashes, which will then be given back to the deceased’s surviving family.

This process is considered to be one of the best alternative funeral processes of today as it uses minimal energy, produces minimal chemicals and leaves minimal carbon footprint. Because of this, this funeral process has become very popular among individuals who are planning their memorial in advance. Surviving families are also getting more open to this kind of funeral as a way of honoring the dead and allowing it to give back to the environment even after death.

Significant Facts about Bio Cremation

To those who are open to this funeral option, which has just been available to the public, listed below are some facts that can help individuals decide whether this is a good option for them or not.
  • Bio Cremation Uses No Acid
This modern process does not involve acids and only uses 95% water and 5% chemical which is called potassium hydroxide. This helps dissolve the remains without emitting mercury and without damaging the environment.
The process is safe and is not harsh, which makes this a preferable process.
  • No Boiling
Even though this process uses heat, the body is not boiled to dissolve. The alkalinity of water reduces the remains and turns it into liquid without the need for boiling. The temperature in the bio cremation chamber is controlled to ensure that the process of dissolving the body is hastened without boiling the remains.
This is a controlled procedure and is highly eco-friendly.
  • There are Additional Services that Families can Opt For
Aside from the bio cremation process itself, there are also additional services that the surviving family of the deceased can choose. Public viewing can be done by renting a casket from the funeral services to allow family members, friends and acquaintances to view the remains of the deceased before the creation process.
Funerals, private gatherings and memorials are also available, which enable the surviving loved ones to honor the deceased after the cremation process.
Bio cremation is a very environmental friendly option for people who are looking for ways to greatly reduce the negative effects of traditional cremation on the environment. It allows the deceased to also give back to Mother Nature after death.

Because it is also a quiet and quick process, surviving loved ones can bear the process. They can watch as their loved one’s remains are placed into the chamber, which enables them to see their deceased family member for the last time. And after the process, they can bury, scatter or turn the bone ashes of their loved one into jewelry, allowing them to have a memento.

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