Monday, November 17, 2014

How to Create a Funeral Program for your Wife’s Funeral Service

The funeral program, also called the funeral mass program, is a program that’s created to commemorate the memory of your wife. This also provides pertinent information about the upcoming funeral service to be held in honor of your loving wife. Basically, it is a printed document that details the events of the funeral or the memorial celebration.

Although in most of the major cities worldwide, such as in New York and Miami, it is the funeral director who will be tasked to prepare the funeral mass program, creating the program yourself is a good idea because the process is therapeutic. And of course, since it will be in honor of your wife, you certainly would want to make it as special as possible. Here are some guidelines to help you in making the funeral program.

Think of a Theme for the Funeral Program

These days, searching for information about funeral memorial programs is just so easy because all you need to do is to get connected to the Internet. So make use of the Internet to search for funeral program designs that can serve as your guide in making the program.

To save you some time, look for websites that offer a free printable funeral programs template. These templates already have some wordings in them so all you basically need to do is to edit the wordings and replace them with the details about your wife’s funeral. The template also comes with designs and since you want it to be special, look for those templates that feature elaborate funeral program designs, something that is suitable to the theme of your wife’s funeral.

Think of the Information to Be Included on the Program

Next, you need to decide on what information you want to be included on the funeral program of your wife. The cover page must have her photo, her complete name as well as her date of birth and the date of death. The cover should also indicate the date of the funeral service and also the place.
The inner pages of the program should also feature the funeral service order of events, so the attending guests will be guided on the sequence or the flow of the service. The inner pages should also have a copy of the songs that will be sung during the funeral, including the bible scriptures that will be read.

Compose a Message of Thanks to be Included on the Program

The last page of the funeral program will be your own message to those who took part in the funeral service of your loving wife. As the husband, you should thank those friends and relatives who have been with you at this difficult time of your life. This can be a bit emotional on your part so you have to compose it well. If you cannot come up with anything, search the Internet for memorial invitation wording so you will have an idea on how to begin your message of thanks. When you’re done with the program, review it and print it on a special piece of paper.

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