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How to Make In Memoriam Cards

In memoriam is a Latin phrase that means “in memory”. Therefore, in memoriam cards are those types of greeting cards printed in memory of certain events, such as wedding, receiving the first Holy Communion, as well as in honoring the memory of the deceased. The cards are mostly associated with funeral and death and so if you are organizing a memorial or funeral service for your dearly departed, then you have to prepare in memoriam cards.

The cards often feature a religious image, like a photo of a saint. But aside from holy images, the cards will also include prayers, some verses from the bible, lyrics from a religious song, some lines from a poem, phrases from a book, as well as memorial invitation wording which include details about the upcoming funeral service. The first ever in memoriam card was created in the 17th century in the Netherlands.

A funeral service is held as a final celebration of one’s life. In order to inform friends and relatives about the upcoming event, memorial invitation cards are often being sent out. The card contains the details about the funeral or the memorial service, such as the date, time and venue of the event, the name of the minister who will officiate the service, and of course, the name of the deceased.

Sometimes, the cards are handed out during the funeral service or right on the grave site. Those who have relatives and friends far away will be sent with the card through mail. It is possible to download an in memoriam cards template online. Use this as your guide in creating your own card.

You can also add some designs on the card to make it more personalized.  Just be as creative as you can, but of course, you need to keep in mind that the cards are made for the purpose of honoring your dearly departed so you have to come up with something that is directly related to your departed loved one.

Prepare the Things That You Will Need

Before you begin with the process of creating in memoriam cards, you have to make sure that you have the things that you need handy. You cannot come up with the card unless you have these things. So here are things that you will need for this project:

  • Computer – of course, you will be using a computer in typing the wordings and in editing the design of the cards. Your computer should be equipped with software for word processing such as the Microsoft Word and of course, you need to have access to the Internet as well so you could get access to the in memoriam card and funeral service program template.
  • Printer – you should also have a working printer to go with your computer. The printer should have ink as well so the wordings will be typed clearly well on the cards. You can opt for a black and white ink, but if you want the cards to look great, then choose the colored ink.
It is a good idea to match the color of the text to the overall theme of the funeral service. Say if the deceased loved blue, then the text on the card should be in blue as well. If you do not have any printer, you can save the in memoriam cards you have created to a USB and then have it printed at any business center.
  • Blank Business Cards – of course, you need a paper to print the in memoriam cards. You can purchase blank business cards from any of the supplies store near you or you can also check out some craft stores. Bookstores selling office supplies may also have these cards available. They often come in a pack and some packs also come with envelopes. You should know ahead how many guests you plan to invite for the funeral service so you will know how many cards you will need.
If you already have all the things mentioned above, then you can go ahead and begin creating the in memoriam cards.

Look for Templates on the World Wide Web

With the help of the World Wide Web, you can search for templates that can serve as your guide in creating the memoriam card. The templates feature a wide variety of designs and sizes so you can pretty much choose anything that you want and something that is suitable to the funeral service. 

For example, if the deceased is a practicing Catholic, then it would be a good idea to look for a funeral service program template that comes with pictures of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, saints, angels, etc. Of course, the template should also come with wordings. You can choose to download the template that comes with blank spaces for you to type the wordings in or you can go for a template that already comes with text which you can simply edit in order to go well with the funeral service of your dearly departed.

There are also in memoriam cards templates that come with colored images, such as a symbol of Christianity. These cards are ideal for a Christian funeral service. You can also choose to attach a picture of the deceased in front of the card so look for a template that can make this possible for you. Just make sure to look for a photo of the deceased that has a good resolution so it will look great when you attach it on the card.

in memoriam cards

Decide the Type of Memorial Card That You Want

Now that you have found a huge number of samples and templates for the in memoriam cards, the next step is to choose from among the choices on which do you want to use. For a religious funeral service, which includes the Anglican/Methodist order of service, the most ideal memorial service invitation cards to make would be a prayer card that contains the deceased’s favorite scripture from the bible, or perhaps a prayer that is in relation to the kind of life that he has lived while still alive.

Other designs include cards that have some inspirational quotes, poems, proverbs, as well as excerpts from a religious song. There are also cards that feature comforting words which somehow help to give comfort to the grieving family and friends, especially at this time of mourning.

Aside from the wordings and the contents, another thing to consider in deciding for the design of the in memoriam cards is the style and color of the text used. Would you prefer a card that comes with fancy handwriting or would you rather choose the kind of card that has a simple font design?

What about the color of the text? Do you want the plain black and white theme for the card? Or perhaps, you want the card with colorful and fancy themes that come with cherub designs, flowers, etc? There are even remembrance cards for funerals that can be used as bookmarks. Whatever design you want, there is always a template that you can download online. Of course, do not forget to add personal touches on the card, like the name and photo of the deceased.

Compose the Wordings for the Card
After you have chosen the design that you want for the in memoriam card, the next step is to compose your wordings. Although there are some templates that already come with wordings, if you prefer to compose the wordings your own, then you can do so.

So what are the details that should be in the memoriam cards? Ideally, the card should have a memorial invitation wording. The card is not only made in memory of the deceased but its purpose is to also invite friends and family members for the memorial service. As you know, the memorial service is the time where friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, as well as family members will gather and comfort each other for the loss of their dearly departed.

Aside from the invitation wording, the memoriam cards might also contain a bit of information about the deceased. Although this is no longer necessary since the people who are given the cards know who the deceased is. Those who cannot figure out what to write on the memoriam cards can refer to the wording samples.

Follow the Directions that Come with the Template
Each of the templates of the in memoriam cards that you can download also comes with instructions on how to use such template so make sure to follow these. Read it well in order for you to know how you can make use of such templates in successfully creating the memoriam cards.

Some of the templates will also ask you to choose whether you want to edit it on a word processing software, like the Microsoft Word, or if you want to make use of their own online tools in personalizing the cards. If you really want to come up with great cards, choose the option to edit it using the online tools that they will provide. Don’t worry, these tools are very easy to use and are pretty straightforward.

Even if you need hundreds of the cards, all you actually need to do is to create just one card and it will be the tool that will duplicate the cards in the number of pieces that you want so you can then print full sheets of the funeral remembrance cards.

Print the Cards on the Blank Business Cards
The final step is to print the cards that you have created on the computer with the use of the online tool. The template that you have installed will come with directions on how you can print the cards so make sure that you read this well so you will not end up wasting any of the blank business cards that you have bought. It is recommended to print just one card first and check the output to see if everything is right. The first card will serve as a sample to see if you have set everything up correctly.

If you do not want to waste the blank business cards, try printing the first card on a blank sheet of paper. Hold the sheet of paper against the business cards so you will know if it has been set up correctly or not. If you notice that there are any errors on the card, then go back to the computer and refer back to the in memoriam cards template and do the necessary corrections.

After you have made the corrections, get another blank sheet of paper and print another sample. If something is wrong again, then go back to the software and do the modifications until such time that you are able to create the perfect memoriam card.  

Once you have created the perfect card, then it’s time to start printing. Make sure to check the settings of the printer and start with printing just one card first so you will know if the printer was set up correctly for the size of the blank business card that you will use. If everything is okay, then go ahead, print the number of cards that you will need.

As you can see, making in memoriam cards is just so easy because of the template. You do not need to be a professional artist and you don’t need to go through a training to be able to come up with a professional looking memoriam cards. With the help of the template, you will certainly be able to produce the cards that you need for the memorial service of your dearly departed.

Also, you may want to consider buying additional ink toner for your printer. This is especially important if you need to print more than a hundred cards. If your ink toner is not enough, your project could be interrupted and you might have to go through the process over again.

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