Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Things that You Can Include in a Funeral Keepsake Brochure

A funeral keepsake brochure is a memento of your departed loved one. It is a token that helps the surviving family and friends to remember the departed by looking at them and keeping them. Thus, it is important that you include some things that will remind the bearers of the cards about the deceased.

Aside from prayers, quotes and bible verses, you can also include other things on a memorial or funeral card that will make the latter a better memento. But, these additions can also add to the price of the brochures. 

That is why including some things by you will make these cards more personalized and special.

Things to Put on a Keepsake Brochure

Here are some things that you can add to funeral cards that will not affect the cost of funeral brochures that you are making:

  • Mementos
One of the best things that you can include in a printable funeral keepsake brochure is personal mementos of the departed. You can attach petals from the favorite flower of the departed on the memorial cards that you are giving to family and friends.
If you are willing to include very personal mementos such as some of the things that the deceased owned, you may want to give these special cards to only very close relatives and friends. Because there will likely be a limited number of tokens that you can include on these funeral keepsake brochures, you will want to limit the recipients. One card per family will be ideal.

  • Messages from Family and Friends
This will not add to the cost of funeral brochures but it will surely add to the meaning and value of them: messages from family and friends. Ask family and friends to write simple yet meaningful messages to the departed and attach photocopy of the letters to the brochures once they are printed. Scanning the letters and attaching them to the editable funeral keepsake brochures will be ideal also but pasting or gluing the photocopies will make the brochures look more personal.

  • Scrapbook Items
The cost of funeral brochures may go a little higher with this idea but it will definitely make the leaflets more personal. Scrapbook items such as ribbons and feathers will make the cards look more special. 
Putting photos will also be nice. This is ideal especially if the deceased loved scrapbooks or was creative when he or she was still alive. 
Making the colors not too bright will be recommended for these but there are really no restrictions.

Memorial cards need not be too formal. It is a token of the celebration of life of the deceased. Thus, it is only proper to include the things that will make the cards unique and special. 

Also, it should contain the things that the deceased loved when he or she was still alive. It should also represent the personality of the departed, which makes it ideal to put the things that the departed was fond of before he or she passed on.

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