Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank you Notes after the Funeral

Losing a loved one is just a very traumatic experience. But you need to keep in mind that there are just lots of things that you need to attend to and among these are the preparations of the funeral service. Aside from the funeral invitations, programs and order of service, you may also need to create some thank you notes which you can send in to guests who have taken part in the funeral celebration. The thank you notes is a great way to express gratitude to people who have joined you in honoring the life of the deceased person.

How to Write

It is sometimes not easy to look for the proper wordings to write for the funeral thank you notes. If you do not feel like doing it, you can ask other members of your family to write the thank you notes. For some people, writing a thank you note right after the funeral is therapeutic. It helps them to easily deal with the pain of losing someone. But if you are just too overwhelmed to do it, then you might as well delegate this to someone else.

Remember that you will need to send in the notes to all the people who have attended the funeral celebration. The notes can also be sent out to the pall bearers, the minister and everyone who have taken part in the funeral celebration. You can also send in the notes to people who have sent in flowers and donations even if they have not attended the funeral service.

Tips to Keep In Mind

When you sit down and start writing the notes, it is a good idea to first make a list of the people that you need to thank. There may be lots of people who have attended the funeral but you do not really need to send notes to all of them. Make sure however that you send out notes to the clergy, pallbearers, as well as those who have sent in donations, gifts, flowers, etc. Never forget to send in thank you notes to friends who have supported you at this difficult time and those who extended help during the funeral service preparation.

The notes must be short, yet sweet and sincere. It is also important that you address them directly with their first names. If the person has done something that is worth mentioning, then you have to include that on the note as well.

Use Templates Online

If you want to save time and money in creating funeral thank you notes, you can make use of the templates that you will find online. These templates already include words of gratitude to the guests at the funeral and all you need to do is to personalize it by changing some important details. These templates are easy to use and you can in fact edit them using Microsoft Word. After you have edited the templates, just print them out in a nice piece of paper. Place the cards in an envelope and write the name of the person you are giving the notes to.

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