Friday, May 23, 2014

Tips on Creating a Funeral Programme for a Deceased Family Member

The news of a family member’s death is certainly heartbreaking. Creating a funeral programme might be very hard if you are in the process of mourning the death of a member of your family. But thanks to the Internet, there are now lots of resources that can help you with the process of creating the programme. There are free templates available for you to use. Here are some tips on creating the programme.

memorial programme for the deceased
Funeral Programme for the Deceased


Brainstorming is the first step to creating any type of funeral programmes. So gather friends and family members and ask everyone to write down their fond memories of the deceased and have them include messages for the deceased person.
The process might be emotional but sharing your feelings to everyone in the family can somehow help to ease the pain. There should be someone who will be tasked to collate all the messages which will soon be included on the programme.


The next step is to think of a theme for the overall design of the funeral programme. This could be something that is related to the deceased or some of his or her interests. For instance, if the deceased person loved to play basketball, then you can make use of the basketball theme as the overall design of the programme.
You can also attach a photo of him while playing the game or perhaps an image of his jersey. The color should be something that was the favorite of the deceased. So if he loved the shade of blue then make use of that as the color of the text, the border, etc. Basically, the key here is to come up with a programme with a design that can relate to the deceased person.

To make the task easier, refer to the templates of funeral programmes in the World Wide Web. These templates are so easy to use and some sites will provide instructions and video demonstrations that can serve as your guide. All you need to do is to edit them and then print them on a special type of paper.
What’s even better is that most of these templates are free to use so you will not spend anything except for the paper that you will use and the ink for printing. The templates come in different designs and you can choose whatever type of layout you want for the funeral programme¸ whether it is bi-fold, tri-fold, or quad fold.

In this day and age of the Internet, preparing for the memorial service of a deceased family member is no longer as hard as it was before. All you basically need to do is to search for templates that you can use. This is great for those who can’t seem to find time in creating the programme from scratch. As you know, getting over from the loss of a dear family member is not that easy and it might be a bit hard to create funeral programmes for the upcoming memorial service. 


  1. Thank you for the advice on how to create a funeral program for a family member. The last time we had a family member pass was several years ago and I remember it being very difficult, partly because we just did not know how to honor them. I hope we have a long time before our next funeral, but my grandmother is getting pretty old and we want to be ready so we can honor her memory and help each other through the loss by choosing the right funeral home and making the correct burial arrangements.

    1. It's always difficult dealing with such events and we never want to think about that dreadful day. That's why we must cherish every day on this beautiful earth by spending as much time as we can with our loved ones.