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Quad-fold Death Memorial Pamphlets

Quad-fold death memorial pamphlets are one of the popular kinds of funeral programme cards that are being used as a death announcement card and memorial brochures. Because these kinds of brochures can include a lot of information about the deceased as well as quotes and prayers that are dedicated to the deceased, they are often used for multiple purposes.

quad fold memorial pamphlets

Advantages of Using Quad-fold Death Memorial Leaflets

Listed below are the advantages that you can get when you use quad-fold funeral program cards:

  • Lots of Space

Because funeral or memorial brochures can be printed on both sides, you will have lots of space to put all the content that you want to include in the funeral cards that you are making. This will enable you to put not only the information about the deceased and his or her family but you will also be able to put lots of photos on the card.

Additionally, you can also include prayers and quotes on the cards. You can even put a small family tree on one of pages of the funeral program card.

You will also have more space to put dedications for the deceased. Messages that family members and friends want to say or put on the brochures will be able to be included since there will be a lot of space on the leaflet.

  • One Space for Each Kind of Content

You will be able to organize or divide the content of the printable quad-fold death memorial pamphlets to make the contents well-structured. This will enable the recipients of the cards to know which page or part of the page they need to look at when they need or want to read something from the card.

This is important especially of you are also using the memorial cards as death announcement cards as well. This will enable the recipients to know the time, date and place of the funeral or memorial service easily. This will prevent confusion about the schedule and location of the service.

  • Can Include the Whole Funeral or Memorial Plan

When you use a quad-fold death memorial pamphlet, you can include the whole plan for the funeral or memorial service. This will enable everyone who will attend to know how long the service will be and where they should be when the funeral or memorial service starts. This will also enable everyone to know what will happen next, which will prevent confusion among the attendees.

Creating a quad-fold death memorial card will enable you to put everything that you need in the brochure. Because of this, you won’t have to create a separate leaflet for the death announcement and the announcement of the funeral or memorial service schedule. This will not only save you money but will also save you a lot of time, which you will surely appreciate since you will need a lot of time for the arrangements for the funeral or memorial service itself. This will also provide you more time to be with your family since you do not have to make any other kinds of cards.

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