Thursday, January 30, 2014

Celebrate a Departed Loved One’s Life through Death Memorial Cards

Death memorial cards need not be saddening. They should even be cheerful because they are a token in celebrating the life of your departed loved one’s life. But of course, although they are meant to be cheerful to make the surviving family and friends feel better, they should also be sincere and reverential. Thus, you need to know how to create funeral keepsake cards that celebrate the life of your deceased loved one without being too cheery.

To do this, you only need to look for downloadable death memorial cards. These are often templates that you can edit to include all the information or content that you want to share about your deceased loved one with the people who received the funeral keepsakes.
death memorial card

How to Celebrate Life with Funeral Keepsakes
It may sound ironic but celebrating the life of your departed loved one is possible with the help of funeral keepsakes. These keepsakes can be given to the surviving family and friends of the departed, enabling them to have a second look at the life of your loved one.
Here are some things that you can include on the funeral keepsake cards to be able to use them as a reminder of your loved one’s joyful life:
  • Include Happy Memories on the Cards
When creating printable death memorial cards, it would be great to put happy memories on the cards. You can either put small details or short stories about such events or you can include a photo of a happy moment, which was cherished by your departed loved one when he or she was still alive.
  • Put Prayers and Remembrance Poems on the Leaflets
Other things that you can put on these funeral leaflets are prayers and poems about celebration of life. You will be able to find such prayers and poems at funeral service websites and online shops for funeral program templates all over the Internet. You can also choose among the sample funeral leaflet templates on these sites. You can use these as the leaflets that you will distribute to family and friends.
  • Include The Deceased Person’s Achievements
Additional things that you can add on these funeral keepsake cards are the achievements that your departed loved one had achieved during his or her life. This will be a good content for these kinds of leaflets since they will give hope to the surviving family and friends, giving them reasons to smile again after the loss.

When creating death memorial cards, make sure that you include accounts of happy memories that were cherished by your departed loved one when he or she was still alive. This will enable you to think about the good times that you had together whenever you look at the cards. This will also divert your mind on the beautiful things about your departed loved one’s life instead of your loss. Thus, you will be able to move on while paying respects and tribute to the person that you love.

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